Collection: Large Totes

Elementologie Large Totes: Carry Your Story in Eco-Chic Style ✨

Forget boring bags, embrace statement style with Elementologie's Large Totes! Each tote is a blank canvas for your everyday adventures, adorned with original designs by Edward Martin that spark conversation and turn heads. Made with sustainable materials and crafted to order, your Elementologie tote is more than just a bag; it's a reflection of your individuality and commitment to the planet.

Unleash your inner artist:

    • Bold & Vibrant: Dive into Edward's captivating world with eye-catching prints and dynamic patterns. From cosmic swirls to whimsical creatures, find the design that ignites your spirit and reflects your unique personality.
    • Subtle & Sophisticated: Embrace understated elegance with sleek minimalist designs and muted color palettes. Geometric shapes, playful typography, and nature-inspired motifs offer a touch of understated chic for your everyday hustle.
    • Classic & Timeless: Opt for a timeless staple with our solid-colored totes in a range of earthy tones and vibrant hues. Made from premium canvas, these versatile bags are your blank canvas for endless outfit combinations.

Beyond the canvas:

    • Eco-Conscious Carry: We believe in looking good and feeling good about it. Our totes are crafted from sustainable materials like recycled cotton and organic canvas, minimizing your environmental footprint. Carry your essentials with purpose, knowing you're making a positive impact.
    • Made-to-Order Magic: Ditch the mass-produced limitations! Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to create a tote that's perfectly sized for your needs and complements your individual style. Experience the magic of a bag made just for you.
    • Spacious Solutions: Our large totes offer ample room for all your essentials, from laptops and notebooks to groceries and gym clothes. Stay organized and stylish wherever your day takes you.

Elementologie Large Totes aren't just bags, they're wearable art with a conscience.

Browse our collection now and design the tote that's your personal masterpiece!