Collection: Women's Swimwear

Elementologie Women's Swimwear: Dive into Art, Swim Sustainably ✨

Forget predictable poolside attire, Elementologie's swimwear invites you to make a splash in artistic confidence! Each piece features original designs by Edward Martin, bursting with vibrant colors and captivating imagery, transforming your beach days and poolside lounging into mini art exhibits. Made with eco-friendly materials and crafted to order, your Elementologie swimsuit isn't just a beach buddy; it's a statement of individuality and a commitment to the planet.

Unleash your inner siren:

    • Cosmic Coral: Embrace the mysteries of the ocean with swirling starry nights and dreamy constellations adorning your bikini or one-piece, becoming a mermaid of the cosmos.
    • Urban Oasis: Navigate the concrete jungle in bold cityscapes and serene geometric patterns, owning your poolside presence with every stroke.
    • Enchanted Lagoon: Wander through a wonderland of playful creatures and blooming waterlilies, bringing the vibrancy of nature to your swim with a smile.
    • Whimsical Waves: Unleash your inner child with charming animal companions and playful typography, injecting a touch of lighthearted fun into your beach adventures.

Beyond the fabric:

    • Sustainable Serenity: We believe in beautiful beaches and a healthy planet. Our swimwear is crafted from recycled materials and organic fabrics, minimizing waste and leaving a gentle footprint on the Earth. Rock your style with a clear conscience.
    • The Perfect Fit: Ditch the frustration of off-the-rack limitations! Choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and cuts to create a swimsuit that truly flatters your unique physique and beachside aesthetic. Experience the confidence of a tailored fit.
    • Made-to-Order Masterpieces: Forget mass-produced monotony! Your Elementologie swimsuit is made just for you, ensuring you receive a unique piece that reflects your individual taste and beachside personality. Own your sunshine, one wave at a time.

Elementologie Women's Swimwear isn't just beachwear, it's wearable art that makes a statement with every splash.

Browse our collection now and design the swimsuit that transforms your beach days into personal masterpieces!